Welcome to Flättinge Gårdcafé

Flättinge Gårdscafé is a family owned cafe on the countryside, located between Gränna and Huskvarna. We are three sisters that runs the cafe on our family farm and we are the fourth generation on the farm. We started the cafe the summer 2014 and for the first years we had it in a 400 year old house, but after a few years that house got to small and we renovated our old stable to have the cafe in there instead. So for the last couple of years we have had the cafe in our old stable. In our cafe we serve cookies, cakes, sandwiches, lunches, cold- and hot drinks.

Everything we serve we have baked in our bakery next to the cafe. We make our own juice from berries and flowers from the farm. We value good products and try to make everything ourselves or buy locally produced products to make an authentic experience. We use old family recipes for cookies and our moms recipes for the juice. On the farm you will find cows, horses, sheep and a cat, so have a stroll in the "picknick hage" before or after your "fika" to see some farm animals. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask one of the sisters.


Hope to see you!

Sandra, Josefin and Louise   

Opening hours 

Closed for the summer season 

Email: info@flattingegardscafe.se

Phone number: (+46) 079 100 5554

Address: Flättinge Gårdscafe, Flättinge Uppegård 4, 561 91 Huskvarna 

Make your own juice in Flättinge Gårdscafés garden

Welcome to Flättinge, for a cozy time where we will make your own juice from the seasonal berries on the farms. You will make the juice together with one of us sisters, Sandra, Josefin or Louise,  We will meet in the café and then walk together to the garden where we will make the juice. On our way to the garden may we see some farmanimales and if we are lucky we will have some sheep, cows or horses on the other side of the fence while we are in the garden. 

We will make some traditional Swedish “saft”, in an old way. While we make the juice we will have some juice tasting and try some different types of homemade juice from the farm. If you bring a bottle you can fill it with your own juice and bring it home to drink later, or to give to a friend. 

After, when we are finished you will get a picknickbasket filled with our cafés self-made fika. In your picnic basket, you’ll find the same things that have been served on the farm during harvest times in generations. Even today we prepare a picnic basket to the farmers during harvest seasons and we hope to bring you an authentic and familiar experience. The surroundings will hopefully create an old-fashioned atmosphere and fill you with new energy. 

In the picnic basket you’ll find our cafés self-made fika, consisting of a freshly made organic coffee or tea in a flask, sourdough sandwich with cheese and vegetables in season, (cinnamon bun), two types of sweet cookies baked with love.  


This is included in the package:

  • Together we will walk from the café to the garden through an empty pasture 

  • We will tell you about the history about the farm, the family business and some other fun facts 

  • Cook our own juice from berries or fruit from the garden

  • Taste different kind of homemade juice from the farm 

  • A guided walk in the farms garden 

  • A traditional Swedish “fika”  in our “picknickhage”

What you need to bring: clothes after weather, clothes and shoes that can get dirty, a bottle if you want to bring your own cooked juice home with you. 

What we will prepare for you: apron, equipment and products for the juice making, and a prepared picknickbasket with a blanket to sit on. 

Time: 10AM, 19/6, 3/7, 14/8 and 21/8

Price: 550 SEK per person 

Book here or contact us on +467 910 055 54 or email info@flattingegardscafe.se