Lantligt café mellan Huskvarna och Gränna



Hey and welcome to Flättinge gårdscafé 


Welcome to our café in Flättinge, between Gränna and Huskvarna. If you want to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and a cookie or two, then you found the right place!

We have a lot of different kind of cookies, pies, cakes, sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. The café is placed on a farm, so you will be able to see horses, cows, calves and cheep. You can take a coffe inside the house or sit outside and enjoy the nice enviroment.                                                           



Flättinge gårdscafé             

Flättinge uppegård          

561 91 Huskvarna


Phone number: 0791 005554




Opening hours:

June  - August,  11 am - 8 pm



Hope to see you soon!